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Project Description

This project encompasses replacement of the existing Central Utility Plant (CUP) at LAX, which provides heating and cooling to the Central Terminal Area (CTA). It includes demolition of the existing building, construction of a new CUP, temporary power systems and infrastructure upgrades.

Project Highlights

  • New central utility plant and maintenance shop building, including 19,560 ton coolers, 8.5 MW of cogeneration power and heat recovery steam generators
  • Replacement of the existing cooling tower system
  • Site electrical upgrades including a new electrical substation and retrofit of an existing LADWP substation
  • Construction of an underground thermal energy storage tank
  • Partial replacement of the existing buried chilled water and heating hot water service lines in the CTA and other related underground utilities
  • Demolition of the existing CUP, cooling towers, electrical substation (IS 686) and maintenance buildings located in the footprint of the new CUP
  • Installation of a new Facility Management and Control System and a new Fire Life Safety System

Banner/Photo Credit: Rick Henstchel