Construction Cost Estimating

LENAX provides construction cost estimating, as well as cost analysis and support to design teams, contractors and owners, from conceptual program planning, final design completion, and through construction.

Our experienced cost estimators utilize the most effective methods for analyzing and understanding the basis of design, translating the scope into construction means and methods, and capturing the costs with the most current pricing resources.

At LENAX, our primary goal is to provide the client with an accurate fair market value of construction costs for their project, aiming for results that are within a few percentage points from the actual contractor bids. An analysis of the current local bidding climate, economic conditions, and labor & commodity availability is performed for each individual project to provide a thorough investigation for projecting the expected average bid price.

Through our continuing education programs conducted in association with the American Society of Professional Estimators (a national professional society of construction cost estimators), we have access to the most current cost data by locale throughout the U.S.

All cost estimating efforts are overseen by Certified Professional Estimators, providing the highest level of cost estimating support from design to construction closeout.

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