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Project Description

The Bradley West Apron project originally contained an East-Apron and West-Apron component, but was later split into two parts: 1. approximately 34,100 square yards of work on the West Apron; and 2. approximately 60,000 square yards which were added as an addendum into the Taxiway S project, part of the airport's Airside Element Project. Taxilane S will be one portion of a 400 foot wide Portland Cement Concrete paved strip.

Project Highlights

  • Bradley West Apron - 125,300 square yards of pavement and associated drainage covering the aprons west of the North and South Concourses, and the Bradley Core. The scope included grading, utilities, airfield signage and lighting. ($51M)
  • Taxilane S - Construction of a 3,487-foot-long taxilane connecting Taxiway B on the south and Taxiway E on the north. The scope includes relocation of utilities and fuel lines.