Los Angeles World Airports


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Project Description

The Airside Element is composed of multiple projects necessary to support large aircraft traffic between the North and South Airfields. Runway Safety Area (RSA) improvements will be made to Runways 7L-25R, 6L-24R and 25L-7R. Taxilanes S, T and Q will be reconstructed in order to provide sufficient separation between taxiing aircraft and those making use of the new Bradley West Terminal. The Airside Element also includes Tom Bradley International Terminal East & West Aprons.

Project Highlights

  • Runway 25R East End Reconstruction and Taxiways B & C
  • Runway 7L-25R Runway Safety Area (RSA) and Associated Improvements
  • West Maintenance Facility
  • Runway 25L-7R and Taxiway Pavement Repair Project
  • Runway 6L-24R RSA and Associated Improvements
  • Runway 24L-6R RSA and Associated Improvements
  • Taxiway T - Phase 2