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Project Description

Conduct an evaluation of the overall condition of the Los Angeles County Museum of the Arts (LACMA) campus, and develop a probable cost for refurbishment and/or replacement.

Project Highlights

The project team conducted a visual, non-intrusive assessment of the facility to identify major repair, refurbishment and replacement items and the general conditions of key building systems, and then developed a written description of the facility, including an overview of the facility's construction, building systems and general condition. Deficiencies were identified, prioritized and the team provided costs for either refurbishment or replacement of the buildings. The scope of work included analysis of four of the campus buildings: the 170,000 sf Ahmanson Building (1965, 1982-expansion), the 69,000 sf Hammer Building (1965), the 59,000 sf Bing Center (1965) and the 90,000 sf Arts of the Americas Building (1990).