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Project Description

The Expo Line is a 15.8 mile commuter rail line connecting downtown Los Angeles with Santa Monica. Built in two phases - Phase 1 from Downtown L.A. to the Culver City terminus; Phase 2 from Culver City to Santa Monica - the electrically-powered Expo Line runs on an overhead catenary wire system. It comprises 17 new stations (3 of which are aerial).

Project Highlights

Phase 1: The Expo Phase 1 project runs approximately 8.6 miles from downtown Los Angeles to Culver City, parallel to the heavily congested I-10 Freeway. The project spans 41,000 track feet, and includes 10 transit stations (3 of which are aerial), maintenance facilities, grade separations/bridges and additional infrastructure tie-in facilities.

Phase 2: The Expo Phase 2 project is located in the Westside of Los Angeles, extending approximately 7.2 miles from the Expo Phase 1 terminus at the Venice/Robertson Station in Culver City to Santa Monica with 7 new stations along the Westside, and with 3 "park and ride" facilities for approximately 580 parking spaces.