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Project Description

Scope of the $5.7 million project included renovation and completion of a partially-completed two-story condominium project, including townhomes and a community building. The entire development, roughly 90 percent complete, includes 28 units of three-story townhomes (61,984 sf), and a community building. Construction had stalled and finishing the project requires some demolition, along with inspection of the existing foundations, wood framing, and site work, with new construction to finish the buildings. Along with the townhomes, the two-story community structure totals more than 1,500 sf, and the entire effort required estimating of site work, concrete and masonry, doors and windows, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work.

Project Highlights

  • 28 Units - 3 story townhomes (49,000 sf)
  • Community building - 2 story (1,500 sf)